Thu. 3 Nov 2022, 12:49 pm

Better Care Together

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The Queensland Government recently released “Better Care Together: A plan for Queensland’s state-funded mental health, alcohol and other drug services to 2027.”

The new plan commits $1.645 billion in new funding over the next five years with the aim of improving mental health and wellbeing outcomes for Queenslanders by transforming, optimising and growing state-funded mental health and alcohol and other drug treatment, alongside a range of initiatives to support suicide prevention.

 The Plan focuses on six key priorities:

  1. Strengthening service capacity and the built environment
  2. Responding to mental health crisis and suicidality
  3. Delivering improved services with First Nations people
  4. Strengthening quality to reduce harm and improve outcomes
  5. Improving workforce capability and sustainability
  6. Delivering digital capability and digitally enabled treatment, care and support

Better Care Together is accompanied by a comprehensive Digital Information Strategy.

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