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It's Your Right campaign - Live free of Hep C

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QuIHN have been promoting the "It’s Your Right" campaign raising awareness of hepatitis C testing and treatment for people who inject drugs. They want to let people know that the new treatments are easier, have less side effects, can be done while using drugs, and that people can be treated again, and again.

Esha Leyden, peer worker at QuIHN, says that “it’s important for people to understand that hep C treatment can cure you of the virus, it can get rid of it from your body in around 12 weeks, and everybody has the right to access this treatment across Australia.”

The campaign was designed with and for people who inject drugs and supported by the Eliminate Hepatitis C Australia Partnership (EC Australia) led by Burnet Institute and the Australian Injecting & Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL).

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