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Message Guide - Drug Stigma

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ICYMI - Common Cause Australia has produced a fabulous message guide for people who talk about drugs and drugs policy in Australia, including those who use drugs themselves, and are concerned about the high levels of stigma associated with the issue.
Commissioned by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, Uniting NSW.ACT and the New Zealand Drug Foundation, the Guide is informed by decades of research from the fields of social psychology, cognitive linguistics and behavioural economics.
A key finding of this research is that most people are able to think about any issue from multiple and often conflicting perspectives. Importantly, these different perspectives operate mostly at a subconscious and emotive level, which means people’s attitudes and behaviours are often driven by factors beyond their conscious awareness.

We highly recommend you read the guide to help frame the way you talk about drugs so as to avoid inadvertently reinforcing the messages or perceptions you are actively trying to challenge.

You can access a copy of the Guide