Tue. 12 Oct 2021, 10:25 am

New Medicinal Cannabis eLearning module

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Insight has recently added a Medicinal Cannabis module to our Understanding Drugs eLearning series.  The module aims to provide practitioners with a better understanding of medicinal cannabis pharmacotherapies including the types of products available, the current evidence base across various conditions and basic prescribing principles.

The module is (understandably) written for more of a medical audience so some of the content won't be relevant to everybody, however there is still some very useful information for the everyday worker.

Check out the Medicinal Cannabis eLearning module here

While we're here, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation have recently released a very handy and concise overview of medicinal cannabis including what products are available and how they can be accessed - perfect if you don't have time to complete our full module and/or want to provide quick information to your clients and patients.

Check out ADF's easy-to-read summary here

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