Tue. 18 Sep 2018, 10:37 am

New Opioid Check Toolkit released!

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Insight is proud to release a new online toolkit for workers focusing specifically on opioids.  The toolkit contains:

  • "Opioids: The Basics" eLearning package.
  • "Opioid Check" Ultra Brief Intervention Tool - a colourful and engaging clinical activity sheet designed to assist health practitioners structure a 10-15 minute ultra-brief intervention with someone who uses opioids. 
  • Opioid Withdrawal Management Quick Reference Guide - a 2-page summary of the withdrawal guidelines for use by DABIT / CL and medical staff in hospitals and primary health care settings.
  • Worker videos and recorded seminars ranging from beginner FAQs to advanced opioid treatment overview and complex case studies.
  • Key clinical guidelines, withdrawal scales and client brochures

Click here to access the toolkit. And please share with your colleagues!

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