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Trends in drug-related hospitalisations in Australia, 1999-2021

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The National Drugs and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) has published a new report examining rates of drug-related hospitalisations using data extracted from the National Hospital Morbidity Database.

The report found that here were 62,486 drug-related hospitalisations (excluding alcohol and tobacco) among Australians in 2020-21,which equates to:

  • 171 drug-related hospitalisations per day
  • 255 drug related hospitalisations per 100,000 Australians
  • 0.53 per cent of all hospitalisations in Australia

Amphetamine-type stimulants (including methamphetamine and MDMA) were the class of drugs that had the highest rates of hospitalisations, however this rate had declined when compared with previous years. There were also increases observed for non-opioid analgesics, cannabinoids and cocaine. 

In 2020-21, males and females had a similar rate of drug-related hospitalisations, with highest rates continuing to be observed among the 20-29 and the 30-39 age groups, although the greatest increase was recorded in the youngest 10-19 age group, largely driven by a significant increase in drug-related hospitalisations among females in this age group.

Interestingly there was a significant increase in the population rate of drug-related hospitalisations in major city areas and a significant decrease in rate in inner and outer regional areas.

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