Practice Support Toolkit Qld – Appendix Booklet (2021)
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Practice Support Toolkit Qld – Appendix Booklet (2021)

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    16 July 2021

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This Appendix Booklet accompanies the Practice Support Toolkit Qld. This booklet contains:

  • Clinical guidance for treating hepatitis C virus
  • infection: a summary
  • ASHM Decision Making in Hepatitis C
  • Pathways to Liver Fibrosis Assessment for
  • Patients in Primary Care
  • Hepatitis C Treatment Follow-up Required
  • Primary Care Consultation Request Form
  • GESA Table 2 Pre-Treatment Assessment
  • MBS Billing options for hepatitis C care
  • MBS Items for hepatitis B and hepatitis C care
  • Language Matters
  • ACCESS Explanation
  • Notes