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Micro-counselling Skills and Brief Interventions - Sunshine Coast

by Insight

  • date & time

    Mon. 27 May 2019
    9:00 am – 4:30 pm

  • location
    Clinical Support Unit Meeting Room, Janelle Killick Community Care Unit (CCU), 6 Lady Musgrave Drive, Mountain Creek QLD 4557

In the counselling environment, a well-established therapeutic relationship provides the necessary foundation for delivering a wide range of treatment interventions that enhance treatment outcomes. In the AOD counselling environment, brief interventions are often delivered opportunistically to raise a client’s awareness of some of the issues associated with their AOD use. A sound skill in the use of micro-counselling skills can build a strong therapeutic relationship that thereby facilitates clients’ optimal receipt of treatment for problematic AOD use.

Topics covered in this workshop will include:

  • enhancing interpersonal communication by developing primary attending behaviours, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, therapeutic or empathic listening skills
  • developing and maintaining a productive therapeutic relationship
  • using kinesics and proxemics in brief intervention delivery
  • recognising and overcoming barriers to effective communication
  • using the FRAMES and FLAGS brief interventions models
  • skills practise

Presenters: Margaret Ness and Dan Phillips

Click here to download a flyer for this workshop.

NB: Participants will be required to provide their own lunch.

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