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AOD Crash Course - Mt Isa

by Insight

  • date & time

    Wed. 18 Sep 2019
    9:00 am – 4:30 pm

  • location
    Lecture Room 1, James Cook University, Mount Isa Centre for Rural & Remote Health (MICRRH), Joan Street, Mount Isa QLD 4825

This one-day workshop is designed for new and/or non-specialist workers who want to develop a broad understanding of psychoactive drugs and a basic knowledge and skillset in how to support someone who may be experiencing problematic substance use. 

NB: This course features content highlights from all of Insight’s Core Skills Workshops, particularly “Understanding Psychoactive Drugs”.  It is not recommended if you are planning on completing the full suite of Core Skills Workshops. There is also some duplication with content contained within Dovetail’s Young People and Drugs (YPaD).

Topics covered include:

  • history of substance use, statistics, prevalence and rates of use
  • key substance types, effects and patterns of use
  • understanding harm and substance dependence
  • values, language, stigma and discrimination
  • the Transtheoretical Model (Stages of Change)
  • aims and objectives of AOD treatment
  • basic assessment and brief intervention
  • basic harm reduction and managing intoxication
  • where to go for more information, training and support

Presenters: Michelle Taylor

NB: Participants will be required to provide their own lunch.

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