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AOD and the Brain - Brisbane

by Insight

  • date & time

    Thu. 11 Mar 2021
    9:00 am – 4:30 pm

  • location
    4th Floor, 270 Roma Street, 'Biala' City Community Health Centre, Brisbane QLD 4000

AOD and the Brain provides a basic understanding of how drugs enter and travel through the body, to exert their impact upon the brain. This training will explore the biological effects of the substance and the processes the body employs in response to its administration. It will build clinicians knowledge in this area, with the goal of increasing confidence to educate clients and enhance health outcomes. 

This morning workshop sessions will cover pharmacodynamics and include:

  •          The classification of psychoactive substances.
  •          A basic understanding of the brain and the bodies nervous system.
  •         An overview of neurotransmission and the major neurotransmitters.
  •        The influence psychoactive drugs exert upon this system exploring, intoxication, tolerance, overdose, dependence and withdrawal
  •         An overview of the reward pathway.

The afternoon workshop sessions will cover pharmacokinetics and include:

 Routes of administration and how these can result in different experiences for the individual.

  • Routes of administration and how these can result in different experiences for the individual.
  • A basic understanding of absorption and distribution of substances throughout the body.
  • An understanding of a drugs Half-Life and why this information can be useful for a clinician.
  •  How the body breaks down and removes substances, exploring metabolism and elimination.

NB: Participants must have completed Insight's "Understanding Psychoactive Drugs" workshop or be an existing employee of an AOD or Mental Health service to be eligible for this workshop.

This course is designed to equip frontline AOD and Mental Health specialists with up-to-date information on generalist and substance-specific harm reduction strategies for AOD clients. 

Other topics covered include:

  • evidence underpinning harm reduction as an intervention
  • principles of ethical harm reduction
  • substance-specific harm reduction strategies
  • full overview of safer injecting practices

Participants will also be provided with an overview of the types of injecting equipment available at primary NSPs. 

NB: This training is targeted towards workers employed within specialist AOD treatment and mental health services only. It is not suitable for generalist health and community workers, statutory officers or members of the general public.

Presenters:  Jim Hunt and Anita Myers

Tea, coffee and a light lunch are provided at all full-day workshops at Biala. Please note that the room can get quite cold at times, so bring a jacket if you think you may need one. The building is wheelchair accessible and interpreters, captioning services and other sensory impairment aids can be organised if required. Please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to your workshop to discuss. Roma Street train and bus station is the closest public transport access to Biala and current construction works are being undertaken on the Cross River Rail project, for up to date information on how this may impact you, please refer to

Please ensure adherence to all relevant conditions for attendance to our workshops. 

Any last minute changes due to COVID restrictions in QLD may have implications to this event, a virtual alternative will be offered and details will be forwarded via e-mail. Please ensure all contact details are up to date on your Insight profile to facilitate this.

NB: There is no parking available at Biala.

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