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Trauma Informed Care for AOD Practice - Part 2

by Insight

  • date & time

    Tue. 29 Nov 2022
    8:45 am – 1:00 pm

  • location
    Virtual Classroom: Zoom

Trauma Informed Care for AOD - Part 2 is the second of a two-part workshop. Registration to Part 1 is available separately here. 

Insight and Dovetail collaborate to bring you an interactive Zoom workshop on Trauma Informed Care for AOD Practice.  The workshop is targeted towards AOD and mental health workers who wish to develop their understanding and application of trauma informed care.

Trauma-Informed Care training involves a blended learning program consisting of three sessions - one self-directed e-Learning module and two interactive Zoom workshops. We recommend participants complete the e-Learning module in the week prior to the first workshop which should take approximately one hour. The Zoom workshops runs for 3 hours and build on the topics covered in the introductory e-Learning module and offer opportunities for further application and practice. The best learning outcomes will be achieved through completing these sessions in order.

By the end of this workshop learners will be able to:

•    Describe and apply principles of Trauma Informed Care (TIC) 

•    Understand the links between trauma, substance use and treatment 

•    Build a trauma response tool kit to help respond to client needs

•    Understand about worker self-care and healing

To attend the virtual classroom please ensure:

  • Your device has reliable internet to stream video and audio
  • Your camera is able to remain on for the full duration of the workshop (except during designated breaks or as advised by the facilitator) and you have a microphone to enable you to engage in activities and discussions;
  • You have access to the participant workbook (either electronically on a second screen, or a printed copy);
  • You are in a quiet, appropriate space with minimal distractions;
  • You are logged in on an individual device (do not join workshop as a group with other registered or non-registered participants).

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