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    Floor 4, ‘Biala’ City Community Health Centre

    270 Roma Street

    Brisbane, QLD 4000


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Meet the team

  • Jeff Buckley


    Jeff is a Social Worker with 20 years’ experience in alcohol and drug practice, youth homelessness, community development and adult education. He has a particular interest in the art of group facilitation, interactive games, team problem-solving and trivia competitions! He hopes to one day invent the best boardgame in history and retire to the beach.


  • Laura Harriss

    Administration Officer

    Laura uses her amazing organisational skills and Excel superpowers to keep the whole place ticking over. With private sector experience in the travel industry and managing insolvency programs, she brings a sharp systems approach to the role. The Director is particularly dependent on her as his second memory and diary… Have a new idea, question or problem? Laura is definitely your first port-of-call.


  • Cameron Francis

    Principal Consultant - Dovetail

    Cameron is a Social Worker with over fifteen years' experience in the youth alcohol and other drug sector in roles spanning individual counselling, outreach and peer education. A Dovetailian since 2010, Cameron combines his systems-approach to understanding work vulnerable young people with his in-depth drug geekery to support the workforce to better respond to complex youth alcohol and drug problems.


  • Samantha Clark

    Nurse Educator

    Samantha is a Mental Health Nurse with over 20 years’ experience in mental health and alcohol and drug service delivery, policy and program management. She has a particular interest in dual diagnosis, Cognitive-Behavioural Integrated Treatment (C-BIT) and working with vulnerable populations. She also bakes a mean cake.


  • Jim Hunt

    Nurse Educator

    Jim is a plumber from South London who after working in orphanages in Romania, decided he wanted something different out of life! He then studied to become a Registered Mental Health Nurse, spending time in a variety of inpatient, community and forensic settings. He has a passion for supporting people with alcohol and drug issues in a way that promotes engagement and reduces stigma.


  • Cassandra Davis

    Senior Psychologist - Dovetail

    Cassie is a Psychologist with over 10 years’ experience working in the alcohol and drug sector. She has worked across government and community roles including child safety, opiate replacement, NSP, inpatient detox as well as youth and adult counselling. She has a particular interest in working with young people who identify as LGBTIQ+. She has also installed herself as the team's Social Club Manager, a role she defends vigorously against internal agitators...


  • Dan Phillips

    Advanced Clinical Educator - Psychologist

    Dan is a Psychologist who has served a long sentence in the alcohol and drug sector, but with good financial behaviour he may be released in another ten to fifteen years. He has over 25 years’ experience in the sector in roles spanning detox and telephone counselling, rehabs and corrections, and more recently community AOD treatment. This has given him experience in counselling and therapy, group facilitation, case management and now training and education.


  • Margaret Ness

    Advanced Clinical Education Coordinator - Psychologist

    Margaret is a Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience in the alcohol and drug field, working across both government and non-government sectors. Within her capacity as both a psychologist and a registered nurse, her career has included roles in AOD research, clinical counselling and workforce development. She also enjoys pottering around the garden whenever she is not pottering around the office…


  • Michelle Taylor

    Advanced Clinical Educator - Occupational Therapist

    Michelle is an Occupational Therapist with over 25 years’ experience supporting clients, families and workers in the areas of alcohol and drugs and mental health. She has a keen interest in sensory approaches, occupational approaches, trauma informed care, family inclusive practice, and creative writing.


  • Anita Myers

    Nurse Educator

    Anita is a Nurse with a Masters of Public Health. She has over 12 years’ experience primarily in the Emergency Department alongside placements with DABIT and the Queensland Drug and Alcohol Court. Many of those years doing night shift have resulted in her becoming quite the coffee connoisseur! She is passionate about bringing her medical knowledge into providing biopsychosocial care for clients and breaking down stigma.


  • Sonia Boyd

    Senior Social Worker - Family Responsive AOD Practice

    Sonia is a Social Worker with a background in alcohol and drug practice, project management, remote area work and service commissioning. She also has a Master in International and Community Development. All-in-all it's a marvellous combo of skills and experience for building family responsive AOD practice across Queensland. When she's not employing these skills she's deploying her quick, dry wit on her work colleagues...


  • Niall Steward

    Project Officer - Multimedia Design

    Niall has been working in the multimedia design field for several years with experience in interactive displays, video editing and creative problem solving. He now slaves away in a dark, window-less office to make other team members' presentations look amazing. He hopes this career path will be a stepping stone for his dream job - becoming a pro angler!


  • Dr Hoi Yan (Karen) Li

    Advanced Clinical Educator

    Karen is a Clinical Psychologist and Board approved supervisor for psychologists. She is a jack of all trades with experience working with adults, children, families in areas of community mental health, persistent pain, tobacco cessation and AOD. She has experience with research, giving lectures, group facilitation, counselling and workforce development. She may be small, but makes up for it with personality.


  • Denny Ryan

    Project Officer - Video Production

    It was a VHS copy of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing that sent Denny onto a path of making moving pictures. He now has many years of experience working in video production and post production. His experience includes lifestyle television, art documentaries, music videos, short films and corporate videos and has worked hands-on in all aspects of video creation. Denny now collaborates with the Insight and Dovetail teams to transform their knowledge and skills into engaging and educational videos.


  • Emma Armitage

    Service Development Coordinator

    Emma is a Social Worker with 14 years’ experience in alcohol and drug practice, youth work and health promotion both in Australia and the UK. She is now indulging in the wonderfully list-ridden world of AOD safety, quality and clinical governance, which is ironic given that she admits to being the most accident-prone team member on the floor. Emma has a particular passion for building genuine and meaningful participation and engagement opportunities for AOD clients.


  • Benjamin Dougherty

    Information Systems Coordinator

    Ben started at Dovetail in 2009 and since has gone on to manage the print and digital content needs of Dovetail and Insight. Experience in AOD, digital and print media and education has led to Ben being involved in the editing and production of a range of diverse AOD training materials such as webinars, eLearning, textbooks, factsheets, campaigns and websites. In his spare time he prefers to play with musical instruments and analogue technologies.