Insight's First Nations artwork

About the artwork

"This artwork reflects the beautiful Country of Queensland, encompassing; freshwater, saltwater and islands, our regional and urban environments and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people who live on Country. The work shows our people’s diverse lived experiences and lifestyles. The central motif, in ochre, shows us all coming together. Through my collaboration with the team at Insight, I wanted to show there are different learning pathways for all workers and healing journeys that their clients and families might take.This piece is about community, people and place. It is about coming together, working together and collaborating to achieve the shared goal of supporting people affected by drug and alcohol use."

Bree Buttenshaw

About the artist

Bree Buttenshaw is a proud Kalkadoon woman living on Quandamooka Country. Bree mixes traditional and contemporary art together to create unique stories. She is inspired by her environment and her art reflects her feelings and experiences. Bree’s art practice discusses mental health and wellbeing, racism, Aboriginal issues and feminism. Art is a way in which the artist heals and discovers more about herself, her culture and the world.