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Dovetail Schools Guide


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    03 April 2024

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Dovetail has developed this guide to assist Queensland school communities to better prevent and respond to alcohol and other drug use. School can be a powerful protective factor in reducing alcohol and other drug use, risk and harm for young people. By following this guide your school can enhance the quality of classroom alcohol and other drug education and improve responses to incidents relating to alcohol and other drug use.

The package contains:

  • Advice on how to implement a ‘whole school approach’ to alcohol and other drug prevention
  • Information on evidence-informed alcohol and other drug classroom education
  • Practical steps on responding to alcohol and other drug incidents
  • Guidance for supporting young people and their families who are affected by alcohol and other drug use
  • An audit to identify areas for improvement in your current approach to alcohol and other drug concerns
  • A template for developing a plan to improve your approach to alcohol and other drug issues.

Queensland-based schools and workers are able to order a hard copy of this resource. Click the button below to order.



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