Integrated Formulation: Overview and Examples
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Integrated Formulation: Overview and Examples

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    01 December 2020

Description: This series of videos introduces the integrated formulation approach and provides examples of its application.  The presentation by Dr Jenni Panther (Psychiatrist, GCHHS), outlines how the integrated formulation model builds on the familiar ‘5Ps’ approach, and integrates other important aspects such as a risk formulation and a client’s goals within the broader formulation. Resources referred to during this presentation are available from the Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch Comprehensive Care QHEPS page at: (Only available on QLD Health networked machines) 

The six videos comprising the presentation include: 

Part 1: Comprehensive Care and Formulation (16:04mins) 

Part 2: The Integrated formulation approach (18:55mins) 

Part 3: Integrated formulation and CIMHA (3:26mins) 

Part 4: Integrated formulation example: “Sandra”(11:25mins)  

Part 5: Integrated formulation to care plan – “Sandra”(6:58mins) 

Part 6: Resources and Key Messages (1:20mins)