Meth Check: Ultra Brief Intervention Tool - Vers 2.0 (2018)
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Meth Check: Ultra Brief Intervention Tool - Vers 2.0 (2018)


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    04 April 2024

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An A3 clinical tool designed to assist health practitioners structure a 20-30 minute ultra-brief intervention with someone who uses methamphetamine. NB: This tool is designed to be printed in colour A3. 


Insight's Check Tools are ideal for use by GPs, in hospital settings, by generalist health and community service workers or by specialist mental health and AOD treatment workers who are conducting initial appointments, drug diversion sessions and/or opportunistic engagement with clients and patients.  You are free to use the tool in any way that suits you. Parts can be skipped or the sequence re-ordered, or you can simply read through the tool word-for-word. The completed exercise can then be given to the client to take away as a reminder of your conversation.

All Check Tools are free to download and use and lists the national 24/7 alcohol and drug hotline so that they can be used anywhere in Australia.

See the video below for general instructions on using these tools. 


SUGGESTED CITATION:Insight Centre for AOD Training and Workforce Development. Meth Check: Ultra Brief Intervention Tool - Vers 2.0. 2018. Available from: 
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