The 4Ps
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The 4Ps

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    28 May 2021

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The 4 Ps is a worksheet designed for the trauma informed care workshop.  

The 4 Ps looks at four domains which may be impacted through experiences of trauma – physical, psychological, performance and people.  The worksheet is a tool which can assist workers to explore these different areas of functioning and how previous traumatic experiences might be impacting on these areas. Physical may include things like psychosomatic experiences, physical pain, high blood pressure, or any physical health concerns related to history of trauma.  Psychological may be anxiety, mood, paranoia, hypervigilance or any impacts on the mind. Performance is looking at – how does the person function day to day? Are they able to concentrate? Are they able to get important things done like go to school or work? Finally; People explores relationships – how does trauma impact on a person’s ability to develop and maintain healthy family, peer and intimate relationships? 

See the video below for further explanation of the 4ps resource.