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Insight's Check Tools (2024)


Insight’s “Check Tools” are a series of brief, modular job-aids designed to assist workers to have structured, collaborative conversations with someone about their alcohol and/or non-prescribed drug use. They have been intentionally designed as a mix of ‘information brochure’ and ‘guided brief intervention’ all-in-one.

They can be used by any worker, regardless of your role or level of AOD knowledge and expertise.

We recommend reading "A Guide to using Insight's Check Tools” for information and advice on how to use these job-aids in your practice.

NB: These A4 Check Tools replace our original A3 versions which have now been retired.

Check tool feedback

Insight’s Check Tools were developed in consultation with workers from Queensland’s AOD sector along with further advice feedback from health and community professionals in related fields.  

Further feedback on this tool is always welcome and encouraged via or by phoning our office on (07) 3837 5655.