Training requests and fee-schedule

Insight delivers a suite of eLearning modules, webinars and a scheduled calendar of specialist alcohol and other drug training and education packages available to workers, services, and communities across Queensland. These services are provided for free. 

From time to time, government departments/services, businesses, NGO service providers or commissioning organisations may seek additional training or eLearning tailored specifically to their needs and/or region. These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis subject to alignment with Insight’s mission and service capacity. Where these requests can be met, a fee-for-service applies.   

We recommend services first review Insight's eLearning suite of modules before requesting face-to-face training. These modules are designed to meet a range of training needs for both the specialist AOD and mental health workforce as well as workers in other roles and settings, and cover a broad scope of topics from foundational knowledge underpinning AOD practice, core practice skills, through to specialist AOD training.  

N.B.: All fees received are re-invested into developing clinical alcohol and drug tools and resources for services across Queensland to access at no cost.  All fee-for-service training requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Scheduling is dependent on availability and service capacity. Please contact us with your training request with as much notice as possible.

Fee schedule



Fee Schedule 2023-2024

Qld-based NGO

Qld Health

Other Gov't/ Private

Training fees for existing content
Half day workshop $          1,250.00 $          1,500.00 $         2,000.00
Full day workshop $         2,500.00 $         3,000.00 $         3,500.00
2-day workshop $         5,000.00 $         5,500.00 $         7,000.00
   Please note that the cost of each workshop includes the following:
    - Event management through Insight’s Learning Management System (recommended)
    - Print and/or electronic copies of all resources and handouts for participants
    - Certificates of Attendance
    - Post workshop report containing participant completion data, evaluation outcomes and recommendations for future training
    - Telephone and email practice advice for workers before and after each workshop
    - Minor tailoring of workshops to suit your organisation (e.g. change of case studies to suit your scope of work or client group, or greater emphasis on a particular module within the workshop). NB: Customisation of Insight training is charged on a case-by-case basis.
Additional fees and charges
Depending on the location and type of training, organisations may be required to purchase the following:
  Catering  Any expected costs will be listed and quoted with your training proposal for consideration. Please contact us to discuss. 
  Room hire
     NB: In order for our workshops to run smoothly, all training venues require suitable space, room setup and AV facilities.
  Travel and accommodation
     NB:  For locations 90-minutes drive or more from Brisbane City. Some locations under 90-minutes drive may incur charges where there is a 2-day consecutive workshop (e.g. overnight accommodation).
Optional extras
  Development and/or customisation of training (e.g. eLearning modules, workshops, brief training sessions)  Charged on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to discuss. 
  Your own dedicated Learning Portal Create your own dedicated Learning Portal on the Insight LMS for your staff. To find out more, head to 
  NB: Fees in this schedule are valid to 30th June 2024. Any changes to these fees will be advised by Insight from April 2024 for existing and new contracts beyond 30th June 2024.

To request or discuss your training needs (including capacity to pay), please contact us on (07) 3837 5655 or email