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2.10 | CULTURALLY-SAFE AOD PRACTICE - "Eyez On Ice" Orientation

MODULE NAME:"Eyez On Ice" Orientation
LEARNING LEVEL:Level 2 - Core AOD Skills
TARGET AUDIENCE:People working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland.

"Eyez on Ice" is a new resource that has been developed to assist health professionals and families to support people impacted by problematic substance use, particularly crystal methamphetamine (ice).

This module provides an overview of "Eyez On Ice", including guidance on how it can be used by health professionals, community members and families as part of a conversation with someone who is impacted by problematic substance use.

QAIHC requests that all workers complete this module prior to using the "Eyez On Ice" resources in their community or workplace.


By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the background, aims and objectives of QAIHC's AOD-OUR-WAY Projects and the "Eyez On Ice" resource package.
  • Understand some key features of psychoactive drugs and their effects, particularly methamphetamine or "ice"
  • Understand QAIHC's 4 Rs Model: Recognise, Respond, Reconnect and Respect
  • Be confident in using the suite of "Eyez On Ice" print and video resources with clients and families as part of a brief intervention, including where and when they can and should be used.
  • Know where to access further information and support
LENGTH:30 minutes
CPD:Participation in this activity may contribute to CPD. A Statement of Completion will be issued on completion of this module. 
REFERENCE LIST:The full reference list for this module is available on request.

"Eyez on Ice" has been developed by the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) and was funded by the Queensland State Government’s Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs (MHAOD) Branch, Queensland Health. 

QAIHC acknowledges contributions from member services, the Content Advisory Group, Queensland Health and QNADA for their input during the development of this resource. 

The development of this eLearning module was proudly supported by Insight: Centre for AOD Training and Workforce Development.

LAST UPDATED:August 2022