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2.03 | SCREENING AND BRIEF INTERVENTIONS - The Indigenous Risk Impact Screen (IRIS) - Orientation training

MODULE NAME:The Indigenous Risk Impact Screen (IRIS) - Orientation training
LEARNING LEVEL:Level 2 – Core AOD Skills
TARGET AUDIENCE:Workers who wish to understand and/or utilise the IRIS in practice
MODULE AIM:This module aims to orient workers in how to administer the Indigenous Risk Impact Screen (IRIS) and associated brief intervention resources.

By the end of this module, learners will be able to:

  • describe the IRIS Screening tool including its purpose, target client group, and where and when it most appropriate to administer
  • administer, score and interpret the IRIS 
  • outline the procedure for providing feedback and conducting a linked brief intervention using culturally safe tools and resources.
LENGTH:30 minutes
CPD:Participation in this activity may contribute to CPD. A Statement of Completion will be issued on completion of this module. 
REFERENCE LIST:The full reference list for this module is available on request.
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:Insight respectfully acknowledges and thanks the important contributions of all IRIS research and project team members and community participants who contributed to the research, development, validation and implementation with gratitude and admiration. We also recognise Queensland Health and the Australian Government which funded and supported the project when it was originally developed.   
LAST UPDATED:November 2023

Please note: 

  • There is no specific training or qualifications required to use the IRIS. The IRIS is in the public domain and may be used with appropriate acknowledgement. 
  • This module describes the IRIS screening tool and its administration only. It does not provide detailed guidance on culturally safe AOD practice. If you are not already culturally competent, we encourage you to undertake appropriate cultural training before using the IRIS.
  • We also recommend that you complete our “Introduction and Overview” module within our “Screening and Brief Intervention” eLearning course (L2.3 - 1/2) before completing this module as it provides an overview of the aims, concepts and evidence related to screening and brief intervention in AOD work. 

Citation for acknowledgement: Schlesinger, C., Ober, C., McCarthy, M., et al. The development and validation of the Indigenous Risk Impact Screen (IRIS): a 13-item screening instrument for alcohol and drug and mental health risk. Drug and Alcohol Review, 2007. 26(2): 109-117[JH1] 

Please be aware that this eLearning may contain names of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have passed.