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Lisa Cutforth

Stress, Nutrition and Neuroscience, their Relationship and Role in the Treatment of Addiction

by Insight

Nutrition status affects our mental and physical health, and understanding the relationship between stress, nutrition and neuroscience is an important consideration in the treatment of addiction. This presentation will explore this relationship and provide tips for workers on how to use knowledge of nutrition and neuroscience to facilitate better treatment outcomes.

Lisa Cutforth qualified with a Bachelor of Science, with Honours in Nutrition and Psychology in Edinburgh (2005), and has done further studies in the Neuroscience of leadership, habits and addiction. She completed her research honours on "Stress and Eating Behaviour", her dissertation on "ADD/ADHD and Treatment" and has written a book about the role of emotions and psychology on nutrition status and weight management. She currently works as the chief clinical nutritionist and director of food services for a high end wellness residence called The Banyans in Queensland that specialises in drug and alcohol rehabilitation. She has also lectured in a Brisbane university on lifespan nutrition and food as medicine.

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