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Peter Cochrane

Connecting the dots: strengthening the opioid dependence treatment profile in Queensland.

by Insight

In response to the Queensland Parole System Review, the Queensland Government supported recommendation 31, to introduce opioid substitution treatment (OST) into all correctional centres (CCs). OST is now available across all women’s CCs, and men’s CCs in Mareeba and Townsville. This presentation will look at the processes, challenges and successes of bringing OST into the correctional environment and highlight the collaborative approach taken to deliver Stage 1 implementation.

Peter is currently working on the implementation of opioid substitution treatment in correctional centres at the Mental Health Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch. Peter is a clinical nurse consultant with Metro North Mental Health - Alcohol and Drug Service, having experience across opioid treatment, withdrawal services, needle and syringe programs and regulatory areas.