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Dr Sara Winter

Help! I can’t sleep: Sleep disorders and mental health

by Insight

This presentation aims to provide an overview of normal sleep and the broad consequences of sleep disturbance. Sleep and mental health will then be discussed in more depth including associations and challenges. Evidence-based assessment and management will also be presented. 

Dr Sara Winter is a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years experience, with a special interest in sleep disorders and chronic disease. Sara completed her PhD in the area of sleep disorders and behaviour change, as well as her clinical training at the University of Queensland. Sara works in both the private and public sectors as a clinical psychologist, and at Griffith University in their postgraduate training programme. Sara has extensive experience in the psychological management of sleep disorders including insomnia, hypersomnolence conditions, circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders, sleep apnoea and treatment adherence, parasomnias and nightmares. 

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The video of this webinar will be available soon.

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