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Dr Nikola Ognyenovits & co-presenter "Jasen"

Ibogaine: A solution or a false promise?

by Insight

Co-presenter Jasen with lived experience involving ibogaine.

Iboga root and the alkaloid ibogaine has been used for mainly opioid withdrawal treatment for decades in the alternative world. How does it work? How is it different to standard withdrawal treatments? What substance addictions can it be used for? What is the ideal setting for ibogaine treatment? What are the dangers and side effects? What are the legal issues? The presentation aims to give you answers to these question.

Dr Nikola Ognyenovits is a Hungarian born Australian physician. He specialises in Addiction Medicine. He works with clients with substance use disorders and associated mental health conditions, including developmental trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders in Brisbane and Ipswich. His main interest in research is the exploring of novel approaches to addiction treatment. He is familiar with the recent advances of psychedelic science. These medicines hold great potential in healing mental health conditions and associated substance use disorders when applied in controlled and ethical settings. Currently he is involved in research and the introduction of ketamine assisted psychotherapy as a therapeutic modality in substance use disorders and associated mental health conditions, including treatment resistant depression and anxiety disorders. Dr Ognyenovits has observed ibogaine treatments and supported patients in follow-up management.