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Dan Phillips

Meth: Keeping up to speed

by Insight

Methamphetamine has been described by the Australian Institute of Criminology as having a greater impact on the Australian community than other illicit drugs. It also became the drug of most concern for the first time with the recent National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS), while at the same time level of use had declined by a third. So is this increase in concern just the result of a media beat up, or do we have evidence to support the level of attention methamphetamine receives compared to other drugs? To help in understanding why there is still such a high level of concern about methamphetamine this presentation will cover some of the major studies done in Australia and also what the other main sources of data besides the NDSHS are finding in relation to methamphetamine.

Presented by Dan Phillips - Advanced Clinical Educator, Insight Training and Education Unit