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Associate Professor Suzanne Nielsen

QScript Learning: Preparing for QScript - Having meaningful discussions about opioid-related risks

by Insight

The implementation of real-time prescription monitoring in Queensland is imminent. Access to prescription monitoring may mean health professionals have access to new information which highlights opioid-related risks. This webinar will provide tools for assessing risk and tips for health professionals for discussing opioid-related clinical issues with patients. 

Associate Professor Suzanne Nielsen (BPharmSc[Hons] PhD MPS) is the Deputy Director of the Monash Addiction Research Centre at Monash University in Melbourne, and is a current NHMRC Career Development Fellow. She has been a registered pharmacist for over 20 years, with clinical experience in the treatment of substance use disorders in community pharmacy and specialist drug treatment settings in Australia and the United Kingdom. Her research focuses on understanding prescription and over-the-counter drug-related problems, and identifying effective policy and practice interventions to reduce opioid-related and other drug-related harm.