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Dr Jonathan Brett

Psychedelics : Past, present and future

by Insight

Several commentators have described a current renaissance in psychedelic research. This presentation will cover the colourful past of psychedelic research in medicine which is interwoven with personal, professional and political themes as well as the present of psychedelic research in mental health and addiction worldwide and in Australia. The presentation will end with a discussion around possible future directions for research and clinical treatments using psychedelics.

Dr. Jonathan Brett is a staff specialist in clinical pharmacology, toxicology and addiction medicine at St. Vincent's Hospital and a clinical toxicologist at NSW Poisons Information Centre. He is a senior clinical lecturer at UNSW and USyd and is an NHRMC research fellow at the Centre for Big Data Research in Health. He sits on the Drug Utilisation Sub Committee of the PBAC and is on the editorial board of the Internal Medicine Journal and NSW Therapeutic Advisory Group. His research interests lie in developing new treatments and models of care in addiction medicine.