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Mary Crofton

Shame about the smile... How substance use affects oral health

by Insight

This presentation acknowledges that some people who use substances experience issues associated with poor dental health care. The use of both prescribed and non-prescribed substances can have a significant impact on oral health, which, in turn, can affect other areas of a person’s life. It can induce feelings of shame or embarrassment to the individual and be detrimental to both their physical and mental health. The presentation will identify the oral health care issues associated with substance use and provide strategies that a person can adopt to reduce associated risks.

Mary Crofton is a Oral Health Therapist and currently works as a dental practitioner. In layman’s terms this is not the same as a dentist, but a combination of the dental therapy and dental hygiene qualifications. Her passion is on preventative healthcare and her role has seen her working in several locations throughout Australia including rural and remote services. She has obtained advanced skills in the treatment of periodontal disease, special needs and cancer care and works at the Oral Health Centre at Herston Metro North HHS in alliance with the University of Queensland.

You can download the presentation here

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