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Ruby Awram

Supporting child social emotional wellbeing when working with parents who use substances

by Insight

So much of a child's long-term outcomes are affected by their earliest experiences. Whilst the AOD sector recognises the crucial need to support the social emotional wellbeing of children who live with parents using substances, there remains significant practice and organisational challenges. This webinar invites you to consider your own practice and how your organisation supports parents who use alcohol and other drugs to have conversations about their children’s mental health using Emerging Minds: National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health resources.

Ruby is a Child Mental Health Workforce Consultant for Emerging Minds’ National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health. She has a background in Occupational Therapy in addition to experience in facilitating workforce development, training, and systems change. Ruby has worked in child and youth as well as adult mental health and AOD services with a focus on supporting families impacted by parental mental health issues and substance use. She has also worked in the NGO sector in a specialist program supporting families around child development, parenting, and homelessness. Further, Ruby has published research on consumer perspectives related to balancing mothering and mental health recovery.

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