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Tegan Nuckey, Jeff Buckley, Helen Taylor and Greg Perry

Take Home Naloxone (THN) - Resources for the Queensland rollout

by Insight

QuIHN, Insight and the Queensland Department of Health collaborate to provide an overview of take home naloxone, how it works to reverse an opioid overdose and tips on how to provide an effective THN brief intervention with clients. Details of the Queensland rollout and how services can gain access to this life-saving drug will be provided, along with a tour of new tools, resources and training to assist you along the way.

Tegan Nuckey - Harm Reduction Coordinator, Queensland Injectors Health Network (QuIHN) on the Gold Coast

Jeff Buckley - Director, Insight, Queensland Health

Helen Taylor - Director, Alcohol and Other Drugs Strategy, MHAOD Branch, Dept of Health

Greg Perry - Director, Healthcare Approvals and Regulation Unit, Dept of Health